Drawing and painting have always been a tremendous part of my life. My grandfather Henning Anthon was a famous Danish illustrator and my grandmother was an artist as well. Their amazing work has been inspiring me since I was a child; being an artist literally runs in my veins.

From the very beginning I had a strong passion for illustrating animals using a pencil and experimenting with shades.  In 2002 I finished my art studies at Vejle School of Arts (DK). My expertise specified within “Graphic Design and Illustrations”.

In the following years I started to play with different types of colors and materials, which opened my eyes for abstract artwork. Today I try to integrate my knowledge about different drawing techniques with my abstract art. I still see drawing as a useful handcraft, which I can build on and learn from while creating abstract paintings.

I consider my work of art as a creative process and each painting is different depending on my free imagination and spirit. I create the most interesting art when I don’t have any specific expectations.

Nevertheless, I have developed this website as an opportunity to publish a number of my latest works.

Go to paintings and illustrations and take a look at my work.